Zojirushi ZUTTO EC-DAC50 5 Cups Coffee Maker - Silver

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Enjoy freshly brewed coffee at home in the kitchen or at the office with the Zojirushi ZUTTO coffee maker. This coffee maker is able to brew up to five cups and features a removable water tank and water filter that lasts up to two years with normal use. Essentially a mini-machine that can brew up to five cups of coffee (as opposed to the more traditional small coffee makers that brew four or larger ones that brew 10), this coffee maker is well suited if you are the only coffee drinker in the house. Because of its compact size, the filter and water tank are easy to fill without having to move it out from under the cabinet. Brew time is 5 minutes. Not many coffee makers are quicker to drip through than this. You may want to leave it a few more minutes than this, though, for the coffee grinds to release their flavor. The coffee filter is on the lid of the pot (not attached to the coffee maker like most auto-drip models), and there is a removable charcoal water filter. The glass carafe on the ZUTTO coffee maker is easy to clean. The stay warm function ensures that even the last cup is warm, fresh, and tasty. The dripper is located inside the carafe so you don’t need to worry about drips or spills with this coffee maker. It uses a cone filter and keeps coffee warm. Since the compact design takes up very little space, this is a good coffee maker for when kitchen counter space is at a premium. It is also compact enough for the office. A simple manual and convenient measuring spoon are included with the Zojirushi ZUTTO coffee maker. A replaceable water filter helps ensure great-tasting, fresh coffee year after year. The large window makes it easy to see the water level, and the removable reservoir allows for easy refilling. The ergonomic handle guarantees spill-free pouring. It brews coffee with a 650-watt motor, and its hot plate warms the carafe during brewing and then keeps the coffee hot. The reservoir capacity is 23 ounces. This is a simple and compact coffee machine. No espresso, no tea, just coffee. Nothing to program, no LCD display – you just fill the water tank with water, check that the filter is in place, add the coffee grounds, and press the one button on the device. In terms of cleaning, the Zojirushi ZUTTO Coffee Maker in silver has a reservoir that is removable for cleaning. And since the filter is inside the carafe, you can rinse or wash them both together. You can keep the ZUTTO in top condition by simply flushing through with water before you first use it and periodically throughout your ownership of the machine. The charcoal filter can also be replaced easily; Zojirushi suggests every two years.
Zojirushi EC-DAC50 Zutto 5-Cup Drip Coffeemaker
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Zojirushi Zutto 5-Cup Coffee Maker, Multicolor
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Zojirushi Ec-dac50 Zutto 5-cup Drip Coffeemaker
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