Samsung 7100 Series UN75F7100 75" Full 3D 1080p HD LED LCD Internet TV

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Smart and beautiful, the F7100 LED compliments your living space and the images on screen with its contemporary style. All of the Smart TV benefits, plus outstanding picture quality and speed, prove that this beauty has substance. Micro Dimming adds greater detail to dark backgrounds while Clear Motion Rate eliminates the chance of blurry frames during fast-moving scenes. A powerful Dual Core processor ensures the F7100 runs fast, supports all of the Smart TV benefits. The F7100 is more than just a TV; it s a Samsung Smart TV. See every detail in your favorite movies and TV showsNow you can experience better shadow detail and a sharper picture. Micro Dimming divides your TV screen into dozens of different areas. It then analyzes each area and changes the brightness to better reflect the specific scene and create deeper blacks where necessary. Amidst dark scenes, it creates the perfect contrast and allows for better picture quality so you can see the details that you never knew existed. With Micro Dimming, you ll get a more accurate picture. Capture every detail of even the fastest actionOn some TVs, quick motion can appear blurred or choppy, but with Samsung s Clear Motion Rate, you ll experience remarkable clarity in even the fastest scenes. Clear Motion Rate automatically calculates how well the TV needs to perform with fast-moving images. The higher the rating (e.g. 720CMR), the better the TV can display fast-moving details. From sports to action-packed movies, get a better, faster and fuller HDTV experience. Multi-task on your TV with the power of Dual CoreNow you can access apps, access the Internet and watch a movie at the same time. Dual Core makes your Samsung Smart TV more efficient by processing information twice as fast as normal internet enabled TVs.
Samsung 75 Class Led F7100 1080p Tv
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